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The inspiration for the name ‘Medius Earth’ lies in its connection to the word "median," signifying our central role in connecting crucial players and guiding them towards impactful environmental solutions.

We are the bridge, the catalyst, the enabler.

Sustainable climate action is a complex endeavor - involving a multitude of stakeholders, each with their unique expertise and roles. From the landowners who nurture the soil to the financiers who invest in a greener future, every stakeholder plays a pivotal role. Yet, weaving these threads into a cohesive, impactful action requires expertise, dedication, and a deep understanding of the climate ecosystem. That's where we step in.

Immediate climate action is paramount; and we believe linear isolated approaches fall short. We face intricate challenges that demand systems-based solutions. Embracing the ethos that to restore nature we must think like nature, we champion the interconnectedness of ecosystems over isolated efforts. Our mission is to connect the diverse players in land restoration—landowners, experts, communities, and financiers—streamlining projects with our tailored technology, unlocking responsible investments in nature while pushing the boundaries of speed and scale.

Why work with us?

At the heart of our ethos lie three pillars: high quality, unwavering integrity, and absolute transparency. We uphold best practices to ensure our projects reflect and embody these core values.

  • We prioritize local communities, ensuring our projects benefit and empower them
  • Our initiatives are dedicated to preserving native species and promoting biodiversity
  • We are a passionate team with diverse experience from nature restoration to fund management
  • Our custom technology stack is designed to optimize operations and enhance MRV

We leverage technology to empower responsible investments in nature. We offer comprehensive services for institutional climate investors and corporations, encompassing natural asset development, operations, and meticulous monitoring. Through our expertise, we ensure the success of nature-based projects, maximizing their environmental and financial returns.

Partner with us

Landowners, Community, NGOs

Corporates and CSR Foundations

Climate Investors

We become partners in safeguarding and enhancing natural assets, creating sustainable opportunities for land and generating positive social impact.

We provide actionable solutions to corporates, CSR Foundations and philanthropic funders to integrate environmental goals with economic viability through land restoration projects.

We have developed a pipeline of high quality projects for nature-based investors ensuring transparency, efficiency, and measurable impact at scale.



Nature based Carbon Removal Projects

  • Native biodiverse afforestation on community lands
  • Agroforestry on smallholder farm lands


Land Restoration Projects for Corporates, CSR Foundations and Philanthropic Funders

  • Community forests
  • Biodiversity parks and Oxygen parks

Explore our restoration site portfolio

Active restoration sites

Project pipeline

Restoration Site Portfolio


Pradyot Porwal, CEO

Pradyot leads business development, commercialization and finance at Medius Earth. He is a 2021 fellow from AVPN’s Africa-Asia Impact Investing program. He pivoted into climate solutions and carbon markets after 10 years of fixed income trading at Wells Fargo and UBS in Hong Kong, growing the business and executing strategic projects. He is a graduate from IIM Bangalore and IIT Bombay.

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Shailie Mehta, COO

Shailie leads operations at Medius Earth. She has worked with nonprofits and social enterprises in the rural development sector, primarily working on rural entrepreneurship and behavior change campaign design with organizations like Dharma Life and FWWB. In 2016, she founded a social enterprise, Acacia Eco, working on urban forestry projects in India and has a strong track record of executing 120+ projects with 1.2 million trees planted. Shailie has a degree in Applied Mathematics from University of California, Los Angeles.

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Srinivasa Rao Ch, Operations Manager

Srinivasa Rao manages field operations in the land restoration projects. He worked as Senior Scientific Officer in ICRISAT (February 1991 to June 2023) in the area of natural resources management (NRM) in watersheds/landscape management projects to augment ecosystem services as well as to enhance crop productivity, increasing incomes and livelihoods of the poor farmers living in the semi arid tropics. He is a graduate in agriculture (1984-1988) and postgraduate in soil science and agriculture chemistry (1988-1990) from Andhra Pradesh Agriculture University (APAU), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.

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Vishnu AK, Program Coordinator

Vishnu has experience in designing, implementing and managing grassroots projects in financial inclusion. He is from the 2022 cohort of India Fellow Social Leadership Program. He has experience in ethical financing and sustainable business models that benefit marginal communities with Shram Sarathi, Udaipur. He has worked with central government company and an AI infrastructure startup in their respective accounts & finance divisions handling fund management and revenues. He has a degree in BCom, Finance from University of Calicut and CMA Final Candidate from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India.

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Bhushan H Sethi

Bhushan is a Senior Policy Advisor with Medius Earth. Professionally a Technology & Operations leader with 30 years of experience and many non-profit pursuits over the decades, he combines all his global expertise with a passion for environmental policy. He led Immigration Policy Reform with the U.S. Congress and White House as VP, Board member to Immigrants Support Network towards the historic AC21 legislation helping millions of hi tech workers. He also championed the cause of wildlife conservation as Goodwill Ambassador to Project Tiger in India since 2010, helping growth in tiger numbers & large landscape recovery via the village relocation program. Founder of G.A.L.L.O.P Initiative and a Senior Policy Fellow at EcoAgriculture Partners, Bhushan is driving policy change for landscape restoration and Integrated Landscape Management.

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Manish Gehlot

Manish is a technology evangelist, with a deep interest in conscious living, natural farming, water restoration and forestation, and working towards sustainability solutions that align with nature. He is an ex senior executive at Accenture, LOTS, Oracle, IBM and Logic with more than 25 years of experience in driving and delivering very large Business transformation/ERP and digital transformation in retail, manufacturing and logistics domains. He is currently working as a senior executive at Infosys USA. He is a M.Tech from IIT Bombay and MBA from St. Thomas University, MN, USA.

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advisory board

Prof. Ravindranath is an expert for UNFCCC for GHG (Greenhouse Gas) inventory review process and routinely consults the World Bank and IPCC on carbon stock accounting. He has published extensively on climate change, bioenergy and forest ecology. He has published 8 books (from Oxford and Cambridge University Press, Kluwer, and Springer Publishers) out of which 4 are on Climate Change. He has published nearly 160 peer reviewed research papers, out of which about 60 are on Climate Change. He is a retired professor from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

Rousseau Anai

Rousseau is a sustainability startup mentor and advisor. He is a seasoned investment banker with over 25 years of experience, having led capital markets groups at UBS and Cantor Fitzgerald, before transitioning to the Sustainable Finance group at WWF in Singapore.

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Mark Jones

Mark is a board member of the YPO New York metro chapter and a global capital markets leader, having spent over 20 years running trading businesses at Wells Fargo and UBS. He is now helping sustainability startups access financing to scale into international markets. He is based between Hong Kong and United Kingdom

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Medius Earth (Hasten Forestry India Pvt. Ltd.) is a Social Enterprise registered in India (U74900KA2022PTC159276)